Holiday Fluffing!

I love when a client calls to have me come "fluff" before a holiday party.
Its amazing what a little rearranging, a few new accessories, and plenty of fresh greenery can do to a space. 
Here are a few {before and after} peeks into what I did on one rainy Friday before the festive soiree. 
Arrangements of orchid, Maiden Hair fern, pink poinsettia, and amaryllis combine with magnolia and boxwood. 

The mantel got a little love too in the form of fresh greens and some blue and white porcelain. 
My fave! 

I had fun in this gorgeous dining room too! 

Even the office space got a few new things, feeling lighter and brighter after a few prints and some pillows! 

Have you done some holiday fluffing around your own house? 


Monday Maven: Molly and Ginny Rae of {Rae and Mo}, and a GIVEAWAY!

For today, I have TWO Mavens - two of my high school friends, Molly and Ginny Rae, the sister duo that comprises the online accessories boutique Rae and Mo. 
From the get-go these two girls have had personality-plus, an inherent sense of taste and style, and a good time no matter what. I've been lucky enough to go to school with them both, have fun in college, and still keep in touch post-college. 
Their mama is just as fun, so running into the whole trio is a treat! 

Today, the sisters are guest posting for me, and offering a fun giveaway for my readers! 

Follow them on Instagram @raeandmo
And be sure to shop their darling website RaeAndMo

I pasted this cute little blurb below from their website - sums them up, I'd say! 



Rae&Mo is an online jewelry retailer that began from a simple, unassuming fervor for jewelry.  As kids, our Mom would take us into the jewelry store where we were able to try on any piece we liked.  Since childhood, our fondness for luminous pieces has only compounded.  
We have always dreamed of being able to drape women of the world in the latest accessories.  We truly believe that embellishments like jewelry, gloves, hats, and handbags give an outfit a punch that makes you stand out from everyone else in the crowd.  And that's what we are all about, setting ourselves apart with quality pieces.  Sorry ladies, this ain't your mama's jewelry box.

What inspires the pieces you carry for Rae and Mo? 

We have always loved jewelry. Our Mom took us into the jewelry store when we were kids and the sales people always let us try on any pieces that we wanted while we were in there.  I think those experiences definitely started our obsession with sparkle.
Walk into J.Crew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Neimans, you name it and you are bound to see some absolutely gorgeous pieces that you can't live without…until you see the price tag. That's pretty much how we started. We love adding bold pieces to our outfits to really make it standout from the crowd but it won't hit your wallet so hard. Whether you are wearing a business suit, jeans, or an LBD it's easy to give your outfit a punch with bright accessories.  When you are wearing something simple, it's easy to dress it up with a simple long chain necklace and some earrings and a bracelet stack, of course.  If you are wearing a busier outfit like a LBD with high neckline, add some stunning stuff earrings and some sparkly bracelets with a fun clutch.  It's amazing how much some fun, colorful earrings or a bold statement necklace will really brighten up your face. 

What are your favorite accessory combos? Jewelry finishes? Gold, Gilver or silver? Trends that you especially love? 

If you look in our homes, our clothing, or jewelry collections you will see a lot of mixed metals, turquoise, and coral. We are obsessed. We really love to mix metals to add some texture. Gold, silver, and copper all blend well so you can layer jewelry. We think it's really important when you are dressing/accessorizing to blend colors instead of concentrating on finding an exact match to the color to the outfit you are wearing.  Have a dress in your closet that has been hanging there for months because you can't figure out what to wear with it?  Add on a necklace or earrings by picking out one of the subtle colors in the dress and going with a bolder, brighter version of that color. Is it navy? Add cobalt. Is it an olive shade? Add an emerald green.

Do you have any jewelry pieces in your personal collection that are heirlooms or extra special? 

Our great grandmother loved her jewelry too. (We keep telling our husbands that our love of sparkly things is hereditary and we can't be helped.) She had all of these fantastic broaches, rings, and bracelets that she used to wear. Both of us wore some of her jewelry that had been passed down to us on our wedding days(see picture). Now, we add those pieces into our wrist stack.  

How does your fashion sense translate into your home's style? 

Bright colors! Just as mentioned before, it's easy to wear something simple and punch it up with accessories. That same train of thought is true in our homes. We love to keep a room fresh with natural tones in the large furniture pieces but adding a lot of pattern, texture, and color to accompany them.  Once again the turquoise, coral, and gold colors really stand out in our homes.


Molly and Ginny Rae are so sweet to offer a fun giveaway to a lucky reader of mine...the lovely Callie necklace shown below! 
You guys comment as often as you can, and I'll announce the winner later this week - giveaway ends on 12.17.14 at midnight!

Thanks again to Molly and Ginny Rae! 


A Monday Maven {Christmas} Gift Guide

For you last minute shoppers, here are some AMAZING gift ideas....via my SUPER talented friends! 

A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind painting by Renee Bouchon

A fun, hand-designed piece from Mimi and Muff's line of bags, wraps, notecards and more by Sarah Lloyd and Molly Lloyd

An original painting by Marquin Campbell of Vino & Van Gogh

An adorable accessory via my sister Abbye's Kate Spade store

A lovely print by artist Laura Sexton of Nine Oaks Way

An original piece of jewelry by Christen Watson of Watt's Jewelry

The perfect statement necklace via Havolynne of Adorned Collection 

A gorgeous pair of earrings from Molly Richardson and Ginny Rae Turner of Rae&Mo

Happy Shopping friends! 


A Blue and White Holiday Table

For Thanksgiving at my house, I recently set a blue and white table a la' JTF.
James' Southern Living feature was incredible, and I was inspired to recreate his vignette for myself. :))

Here are a few pics of what I did. I think it would look fabo at Christmastime too! 


Monday Maven: Christen Watson of Watts Jewelry, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

My Monday Maven for this chilly December morning is a long time best friend of mine. She is a lifelong friend, who has an excellent sense of style, taste and all things fashion. I have always trusted her fashion sense! 

Christen and I grew up together, both attending UGA after graduation from high school. After college Christen spent time living in Atlanta, made the move to NYC, from there spent time living in Washington DC, and recently came back to Atlanta. I am tickled to have her back in the south and thrilled to share her talents with you all today.

Christen Watson of Watts Jewelry is today's guest blogger and giveaway host. Recently she began creating her own jewelry line, inspired by gorgeous natural stones in beautiful finishes to wear together or separate. Having worked in the fashion and retail industry for over a decade, Kristen has pulled inspiration from her travels, her love of all things fashion, and her inherent sense of style.
You can find her on Instagram @wattsjewelry, on Facebook as Watts Jewelry, while her website will soon be launching too. Her incredible inventory will keep you wanting more, while she offers custom pieces as well.  
If any of you are interested in hosting a trunk show at your home, or have a friend interested, please contact Christen at WattsJewelry@ Gmail.com.

Christen's thoughtful and inspiring interview is below! 
She is sharing photos of her incredible jewelry line, as well as a few peeks inside her chic home in Atlanta. 


Tell me about yourself….who is Christen the creative jewelry-designer?

I've had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. But of all things in fashion, jewelry was always my favorite to buy. I love a great accessory because it can make any boring outfit exciting! I've been around fashion for most of life. My first job after college was working at Nicole Miller, and I was surrounded my beautiful jewelry everyday and loved every minute of it. I then moved to New York City to continue my career with Nicole Miller and then to Washington DC. I've recently landed back in the the south, and Atlanta is where I call home. I've always known I've love to create and decided making jewelry would be a fun creative outlet. It started out as a fun hobby and I just wanted to see where it organically would go.I started making a few pieces for fun on vacation on a beach trip this summer and had a store in Florida buy every piece I had made. After an eye opening yoga retreat to Bocas del toro, Panama and some amazing encouragement from my girlfriends, I realized that the most important thing in life is to not only do what you love - but to also share it with the world and it was then that I decided to start my next adventure.  

What inspires you to create? 
I’m inspired by nature, traveling, and what ever catches my eye. I really just stick to what I am drawn to and what I like and go from there. It kind of just happens naturally and isn't really something that too much thought goes into. Neutrals are pretty much my thing with little bits of natural sparkle added in. 

What are your favorite color schemes?

Definitely neutrals. I don't really like anything too bright. I am drawn to grays, gold, and neutral stones and combining 
them with natural sparkle such as hematite or pyrite. I like using neutral precious and semi precious stones including labradorite, pyrite, smokey topaz, hematite, druzy, agate, and raw crystals.

Do you have any jewelry pieces that are particularly special to you? Heirlooms or something from your travels?

My mom's vintage double C Cartier bracelet she gave me is my most special piece of jewelry. I love to layer it with some of my bracelets. I also have a little gold puff heart pendant that I wear on simple chain that my dad gave to my mom for their first anniversary 45 years ago. It reminds me what true love is. 

How does your fashion style translate into your home?

Fashion and decor definitely follow the same beat for me. I just moved into my own apartment in July after bouncing around for a bit, and it has been so much fun to make a place feel like my own. I say if it represents you, go for it. And I also know that it can't happen all at once, and my place is still a work in progess. My home is very similar to my jewelry. Neutrals with a little bits of natural sparkle and color mixed in. Ivory and gray with a little soft color, and I would definitely say it has an eclectic vibe as well. I love mixing textures the most - whether is leather pants, a fur vest, or a great shag rug. I think that texture adds a great sense of detail and subtly asks you to pay attention without being over the top. Oh and I also think that no room or outfit is complete without a little pop of leopard. In my home, it's my leopard pillows and in my fashion in my favorite leopard clutch. 


Today she is offering one of my incredibly lucky readers the opportunity to win this gorgeous triple stack of her white bracelets. They look amazing worn as a stack, paired with other bracelets that you may already have, or mixed and matched with other colors.  All you guys have to do is comment on this blog post to be entered into the giveaway. The giveaway will end on Wednesday night at midnight, December 10.
There will be several more amazing Monday Mavens between now and Christmas, so please stay tuned for more exciting giveaways! 
Also, if you or someone you know is interested in being one of my Monday mavens, please shoot me an email!