Bellissimo - /belĖˆ Italian. Adjective. Lovely, beautiful, splendid, magnificent. Bella - /bel-uh/ Italian. Adjective. Beautiful, fair.


Before and After: Sneak Peek

Over the summer I've been working on a commercial project, the renovation of a ladies' boutique. The contractor is wonderful, and maja progress has been made. 

Here's the {unsightly} BEFORE:

And here's the {maja} PROGRESS shot:

New flooring, wall paint, trim color, hooks, dressing room curtains,'s coming together beautifully. 
I can't WAIT to show you the rest of the boutique when it's completed. 
We still have quite a bit to tackle, but the changes that have been made are already amazing.

Stay tuned! 


5 days of Mi Casa: Day Five

Happy 4th of July, Blogger Friends! 
Hope you all are enjoying the holiday with friends and family!

Last in my week of updates is this small grandmother's butter churn turned lamp. 

The same electrician who wired the breakfast room light for me, did this too. He also did those large glass bottles for me in the living room. I just love the family history of the pieces, and it makes me happy to have them in my home.

Things with patina really appeal to me. I love a nick, scratch, or crack - gives a piece character. And this lamp is no different.

Have you ever turned a simple object into a lamp?


5 days of Mi Casa: Day Four

Now that Henry's an active 13 month old baby boy, he's really exploring and playing everywhere. It's been maja baby-proof time around these parts. If you come to my house for the next few years, don't expect anything but toys lower than 30" or any accessories on a coffee table. :) 

In the mornings, Henry plays with us in the kitchen, and during the day, we hang out outside or in our basement. His bedroom is on the lower level, and most of his toys are too. But, they ended up strewn all over the floor, and I didn't have a great storage solution other than baskets, baskets, baskets. Our home didn't have a set of built-ins that I could put books or bins on, so my hubs and I decided to add some to a nook in the basement. 

Here's the room right after we moved in. 

Until recently, this nook had a small server/bar on one wall, and a high-top table - we just never used these pieces and thought we could make better use of the space. 
Ok, so my wheels really got turning thinking of what to design. 
Nope. Boring ol' book shelves just wouldn't do. 

Together, my hubs and I designed a space for Henry to play, nap, and store his toys. This has been the biggest project we've had going lately., and we have loved this improvement so much! And are both thrilled with the outcome! 

I had our carpenter do large, sturdy shelves along the side, and add a flat area for a twin mattress to lay horizontally in the middle. My upholsterer covered a simple foam mattress like a regular cushion, so I can take the cover off and have it cleaned. He also built me a "backboard/headboard" for some style and padding. ;) I love the large scale ikat chevron, and think it suits our home well. 

Books, toys, stuffed animals, blocks, and special mementos line the shelves, with room to grow. This area is one of Henry's favorite places and we love it too! 
I found the little needlepoint stool in an antique shop on our anniversary trip, and used the gold animals from Henry's birthday party here. 


5 days of Mi Casa: Day Three

While I was dying to wallpaper my back hallway, I was also reeeeeaaaaalllly wanting to wallpaper my powder room. I almost bit the bullet and ordered paper for it like 6 different times. I'm kinda glad I didn't do that now, because I am so super thrilled with the way the stencil turned out. Again, the fabulous Molly Brannon did this for me!

Check out the transformation of this room by clicking here

Here's what it looks like NOW:

In addition to the pretty spa blue lattice stencil, I updated and edited the accessories. The room doesn't need much, and I like keeping it more simple.

Oh, and the caaaa-uuuutest photog assistant EVER showed up.

There's a nice linen closet behind the door here, but it was difficult to get the bi-fold doors to open, and inside was less-than-pretty metal shelving. A few wooden shelves and lower cabinet doors replaced all of that, and now, it is much more appealing and easy to get to!

I just shopped around the house for extra accessories, and also made some fun flower arrangements for the shelves with stems I gathered from outside.

What improvements have you made to your powder room? 


5 days of Mi Casa: Day Two

Day Two of my share-week is a small update we recently did in the breakfast room. I was super happy with this space, but it was lacking one thing: A light fixture over the table. 

See this room's progress by clicking here.

I am pretty obsessed with lanterns. Wood ones, metal ones, pagoda lanterns, you name it. BUT, I was not obsessed with the cost of the ones I really liked. :/ So, I found a fabo lantern at Home Goods and had a great electrician wire it as a light fixture for me. (You may remember I did this in the back hallway, which I wrote about yesterday, and the front stoop too.)

I've got my table set for a week-night dinner party in honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, too. 

During an evening walk with my boys, I gathered these flowers and greens for an organic touch atop my table. I love love love Queen Anne's Lace, and right now, it is bursting! If you see me parked alongside the highway, don't worry, I'm just picking flowers. 

I'm pretty pumped with the way this spot and the light fixture came together.
How are you gearing up for the 4th?


5 days of Mi Casa: Day One

I've made some fun updates around here lately, and I thought a week of fun, short posts would be just the trick in sharing them with you guys!

But first, this is what I've been doing:
{insert maja swoon eyes from this mommy}

Back to our week of posts....

Today, Day One, is the back hallway in our home leading from the kitchen to our garage. We use this hallway numerous times a day, and its fun for Henry to look out of the low windows. He chases our dog down the hallway, out the doggie door and finds this endlessly funny! 

When we bought our home (2 years ago last week!), this hallway was bland and cold. Not to mention a hazard with all the step-ups and step downs and a super hard tile. 

See the before pic by clicking here.

And then here's the hallway before the latest improvement.

And here's the hallway NOW:

I am THRILLED with the outcome! I love wallpaper, but I also like to change things. I compromised with myself and decided to stencil the look of wallpaper instead. And the talented Molly Brannon helped me achieve my wishes. She did a beautiful job, and I highly recommend her! 

With Molly's help, I chose a large paisley medallion. I took a cue from a House Beautiful article, and went from there. I really love the brick floors, 3 lanterns, and the cappuccino-hued paisley walls. 

Hope you like the change as much as I do! 
Have you ever stenciled a wall in your home?


Shades of soft pinks and white...a gorgeous June wedding

I had a ball working with this bride! It was so fun to help the vision of her wedding day come to life! 
The wedding was held at the gorgeous Robson Center here in Gainesville. The venue provided an historical backdrop to the event - I LOVE the exposed brick walls! It was both rustic and chic, both historical and modern. Ah. The perfect balance. :) 

The amazing team at Happy Everything Co. here in Gainesville captured the night beautifully. Check it all out here

Back to my job. :)
For the flowers, we decided on shades of white and green for the larger arrangements with a hint of pink and grey for the bouquets.  For the alter, a simple console table was weighted with large mercury urns stuffed full of large white hydrangea blooms, hanging amaranth and delicate orchid stems. 

The bride's bouquet was comprised of white hydrangea blooms and white peonies - is there anything more bridal or beautiful?

I loved the shades of taupe-y pink gauzy chiffon that made up the bridesmaids' dresses. The girls looked so feminine and delicate in their gowns, and the soft flower bouquets accented them beautifully. Not to mention the knock-out, glam bride herself! That's one gorgeous group of girls! 

The handsome groom had a simple orchid bloom pinned to his lapel, while the groomsmen had soft pink tulips and dusty miller. 

The new Mr. & Mrs.

Here are a few more of my photos from around the venue, before the tables were set and before the cake delivered.  The smaller arrangements were done in simple glass containers. I had roses, hydrangea, and a bit of dusty miller tucked inside. 

The dining table centerpiece containers were large silver compotes, ice buckets, urns, and vases. They were filled with white hydrangea, green amaranth and even more white orchids. 

Congrats again to the bride and groom!
Off to your "happily ever after!"