My House Tour: Guest Rooms

Upstairs, there are two rooms nestled under the eaves of this house. I love their angled ceilings and its been a favorite place when we have company. The first one is this fun space that I painted Newburg Green - a teal-y blue green navy that I am a little obsessed with. I've probably shown 5 clients this room for the color and they all love it too! 

The headboard is one I have had since I was a freshman in college. I finally had it recovered and used the white bedding I've had forever here.

I did blackout drapes on the window too, so this guest room is definitely cave-like and gives our guests some good sleep! 

The other guest room is a lighter and brighter space. I re-used the drapes from our last house, and had some of them made into other pieces too. 
The soft blue on these walls is Silver Crest - a pretty, soft, pale blue-grey. 

This room is full of things I already had, just used in a different way now. Except the headboards. Those are "new". My MIL was selling these two twin headboards at a yardsale and I snatched them up so fast! Thanks Pammy! 

Our little den is up next! 


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