My House Tour: Living Room and Dining Room

These two rooms have been fun for me. The scale of them is definitely different from our last house. But I have loved the cozy feeling of this original part to our home. 

We never put a TV in this room, which I am happy about. Its nice to have a quiet place just for conversation. 

The walls are 1/2 Linen White and 1/2 White Dove. I used an eggshell on the walls, and a semi-gloss on the trim. 

You'll recognize most of the pieces in this room from our last house too. My old trusty cow hide, I love it everywhere I've used it. 

I've always wanted to do a gallery wall of old paintings, and I have enjoyed this little collection of mine. The pillows underneath, on the sofa, are always different. I rotate them around a ton! 

The previous owner had these two rooms flip flopped, but it seemed to work better for our needs and furniture to use the larger of the two spaces as a living area. 

In the dining space, I added the ship lap to the bottom perimeter of this room, and painted the trim here too. Its Cos Cob Stonewall. Weird name, awesome color. 
Above that, I installed caramel grasscloth. 
I. Love. It.

The small foyer and entry way connects the living and dining rooms on the front with the kitchen and keeping area on the back. 

I installed this happy sunburst wallpaper here, and it makes me feel good every time I walk in my front door. :) 

Next up, tomorrow is our Master Bedroom! 


  1. Wow, where is that amazing sunburst wallpaper from? :)

  2. What an amazing-looking home you have. It almost looks like pictures taken from a magazine devoted to good looking homes. I love the small foyer and the way the rooms connect to one another. You are very lucky to have such a great home. The happy sunburst wallpaper is also really stunning!

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate